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  1. Waker


    Dutch Coastguard vessel Waker on a courtesy visit to the North East
  2. WAKER (1)at the tug parade.

    WAKER (1)at the tug parade.

    Registered: IMO 7522124 /(NLD)ON 14681 /(NLD)ON 24083 /(NLD)IVR 27.14681 1826 GRT, 306 NRT, L67,54m(58,73), B14,51m, D6,235m(6,91) - fifi, salv., poll.contr. 2 cpp nozzle, 1 bowthr. Pleuger, 2x diesel 4tew 6cyl Stork-Werkspoor (n° 3364 3365) type 6TM410, 9200bhp-6767kW total (or 8300bhp-6105kW @6