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  1. Launch

    HMS Belfast launches her Walrus amphibian by catapult. 23" X 16" Jim.
  2. S802

  3. WALRUS in service

    The Porpoise class SSK operating with a RN Whirlwind helo
  4. Walrus sea trials

    Running contractor,s sea trials in the Firth of Clyde prior to handing over to FOSM.
  5. Shagbat, Stringbags 'oppo'

    Southanpton Class cruiser and her Walrus
  6. Walrus over the Tay

    This walrus has just taken off from WOODHAVEN (see previous picture) which is behind the rudder of the a/c Tay Bridge and Dundee in the background
  7. Unknown = HMS Walrus

    This is another unknown vessel. The place is Scarborough Yorkshire and the pub to the right of the photo is the Golden Ball. It's still there but the ship isn't. Can anyone put a name or type to this one? Looks like she has been stripped down prior to scrapping?
  8. Walrus

    First time I have seen the angled cruciform control surfaces close up - sail is very imposing.
  9. Walrus Class

    Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus Class SSK at Plymouth 14 April 2007.
1-9 of 9 Results