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    Huddart Parker liner WANGANELLA in the Jubilee floating dock at Wellington, NZ, Apr 1948. Built: 1932 9,576gt Vessel was eventually broken up June 1970 at Kaohsiung.
  2. Wanganella

    On the rocks! No doubt someone will be able to say what occurred here.

    MV Wanganella arriving Auckland 24/8/1963. Taken from NZS's Remuera by a passenger. 9576 GRT Completed in 1931 by Harland & Wolff as Achimota for Elder Dempster , purchased direct from shipyard by Huddart Parker and renamed Wanganella. 1947 nearly lost when she ran aground on Barrett...
  4. Wanganella

    Wanganella at Milford Sound, 1933, during first year of service. I think that's Mitre Peak in the background. Launched for Elder Dempster in 1929 as 'Achimota', she was laid up after completion in 1931 after the collapse of the Kylsant shipping empire. Bought by Huddart Parker in 1932 for less...
  5. Auckland wharves

    All berths are occupied in this aerial view of the Auckland wharves, 12 December 1957. The cutting identifies the Port Wyndham and Wanganella at Princes wharf (front) and next on Queens wharf the Dominion Monarch. The other eleven vessels are not identified.
  6. Wanganella

    Seen here berthed at Princes wharf no 2/3 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on a world cruise. Shot taken by: I think Rex Cox President of the Hobart Branch of the WSS and posted with his permisson. The image was given to me by Rex, he has written 1932 on the back of the image so I am not sure...
  7. Wanganella

    Wanganella ,Government launch & a USSCo freighter at Auckland '60ish
  8. Wanganella

    Wanganella outward bound for Auckland passes under the Sydney Harbour Bridge '60ish

    WANGANELLA at Deep Cove..Posted under Ocean Liners as a mark of respect to a beautiful ship

    Wanganella berthed Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound. Miford NZ. Used a hostel for workers.
1-10 of 10 Results