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  1. WASA


    Swedish WASA pictured at Amsterdam in 1894. The famous photographer Jacob Olie had a predilection for small (rowing) boats in the foreground of his maritime images.
  2. Warship Vasa 1:100

    Warship Vasa 1:100

    Warship Vasa was the flagship of the Swedish King. The ship crashed and sank in 1628 near Stockholm, Sweden. The vessel was found and was raised in 1959. Now the ship serves as a museum in Stockholm The ship's length 68 m Mainmast 51 m Sail area 1400 square meters This wooden model is a Polish fac
  3. Wasa


    Swedish East Indiaman Wasa leaving Gothenburg May 20. 1803. Painting by Jacob Hägg made 1921.
  4. Wasa 4

    Wasa 4

    Looking aft
  5. Wasa 3

    Wasa 3

    Carvings on stern
  6. Wasa 2

    Wasa 2

    Model of the ship as she would have looked when she was launched
  7. Wasa


    Thought this and the others might be of interest to see the restoration progress. Taken about 1994
  8. Wasa


    The remains of the WASA (pronounced Vasa) in Stockholm during September 1971. She was at the time under restoration, having her wood sprayed with a solution to stop her drying out and breaking up. I believe she is now completely restored in Stockholm. New image upgraded by Ron