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  1. The Engine Room
    I'm looking to understand some more about the failure of a Scotch boiler. The basic question is: what could have caused a large amount of water to flood into the stokehold of a 1920s steam coaster as part of the failure of the ship’s Scotch boiler? Contributions from members of this forum...
  2. The Engine Room
    Steamship Engine Room and Boiler Room Expertise Needed– SS Camlough’s Last Trip (January 1932) I’m continuing to tease out answers to some unanswered questions from all the available contemporary evidence. Apologies for the length of this post – but I would be grateful if people who have...
  3. Bird's-Eye View of Aquitania

    An unusual view of the deck of RMS Aquitania, taken from the top of the foremast. Note the double-tier of lifeboats on the davits, as well as the row of collapsible lifeboats inboard, the presence of which were undoubtedly influenced by the fate of the Titanic!
1-3 of 3 Results