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  1. Waterloo

    The large tug Waterloo was not on The Thames for long. Built by Richard Dunston of Hessle in 1977 she appeared larger than her 315 gr tons. I seem to recall she had a sister on The Mersey. She was sold to Iran after a few years service and one is tempted to think her proportions suited handling...
  2. Waterloo

    Photographed at Tilbury Passenger Terminal on 26 September 1990 Details for Waterloo taken from website. Built 1987 by McTay Marine Ltd., Bromborough. Yard Number: 77. Dimensions: Length 31.15m. x Beam 9.76m. x Draught 4.58m. GRT: 301. . Propulsion: 2x6cyl Ruston...
  3. Hinakura 1973

    Jimmy Hicky,????Act1,Taffy(edh),????
1-3 of 3 Results