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  1. Wattle

    Wattle Preserved steam tug Victoria Dock, Melbourne (or what's left of it) 16 November 2016
  2. Wattle

    Wattle Preserved steam tug South Wharf, Yarra River, Melbourne 3 November 2015

    Undergoing maintenance South Wharf, Melbourne
  4. Boiler jack on ST Wattle

    Refer to notes on other photo
  5. Jacking up the boiler on ST Wattle

    As part of the restoration program we have to replace hull frames and plates where they are corroded. Having completed the forward section we are now faced with accessing the frames and plates in the boiler compartment. In order to create enough space to get a person in under the boiler we have...
  6. Removing prop shaft from the Wattle

    While work proceeds on the forward compartment engine room restoration continues. A major step forward has been the removal of the prop shaft from the stern tube and thrust block and then its removal from the ship. Another looming job is the jacking up of the boiler to work on rusted plates and...
  7. New plates on the Wattle

    After some 18 months of removing concrete and rusted frames and plates from the forward compartment new plates are finally welded into place. This shows progress on the port side.
  8. Wattle restoration progress Oct 2010

    Having removed the concrete ballast from the forward section extensive corrosion of the frames and hull plates was revealed. After considerable angst a decision was made to cut out the affected sections below waterline and replace the cold rivetted parts with welded ones. The photo shows...
  9. Removing frame 37 from the Wattle

    Frame 37 being removed from the Wattle. This will serve as a template as we consider the options on how to manufacture new ones. Prefab welded frames is one option. Cost and availability of manufacturing capability are key issues.
  10. Preparing prop removal from the Wattle

    The restoration program for the steam tug Wattle is proceeding. In this photo the cone has been removed and the propellor is being prepared for removal from the shaft - to occur most likely next weekend. All this work is performed by volunteers, most of us retired. Looking at a two year...
  11. Wattle

    External view of plates near bow.
  12. Wattle

    Shows where concrete has been removed from bow section
  13. Wattle and concrete ballast

    Showing the concrete ballast and the resulting corrosion. Concrete is being removed by jack hammer. A long and very noisy process.
  14. Steam Tug Wattle

    Currently up on blocks for a two year restoration program. Other slides show issues with corrosion associated with concrete ballast placed inside hull when built in 1933. Any interested volunteers can PM me.
  15. ST Wattle

    Late in 2009 Wattle was lifted out of the water so that thin bottom plates could be removed and new ones installed. This is part of ongoing activity to bring the Wattle back into survey. A new group, Bay Steamers Maritime Museum Ltd has been formed to bring the ship back into a working state...
  16. Wattle and Steve Irwin at Victoria Dock

    Steam tug Wattle (compound oiler) and Steve Irwin of Sea Shepherd. Wattle is a bit neglected and from other SN members I believe can no longer take paying passengers. For the present Steve Irwin appears to winter in Melbourne. In the background you can see the apartment and office development...
  17. James Craig, Windward Bound and ST Wattle. Melbourne 2008

    Australia Day weekend at Williamstown, Melbourne, Jan 2008. A gathering of local historic ships. The James Craig sailed down from Sydney, Windward Bound from Tasmania, Wattle is local. Schooner Enerprize is in another shot.
  18. Steering engine, ST Wattle

    Brass guard (lifted up) was an OHS requirement added in late 1980's
  19. ST Wattle with tourists

    Wattle heading out for days tourist run. Melbourne 1989
1-20 of 21 Results