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  1. Wave Class

    Two WAVE Class RFA's in the Tyne for refit, 1956. Shot follows HMS Pellew post - inboard ship Monarch or Premier (the only two to have forward RAS gantries), the outboard any one of the 8 fully converted for RAS. Baron, Chief, Knight, Master, Prince, Ruler, Sovereign or Victor.
  2. Wave

    One of the last midships accommodation tankers left, pictured in 2001. Wave was built in 1958 by Soc. Espanola de Construccion Naval, S.A. (SECN), Puerto Real, under the name Escombreras.. 12.732 grt, 20.124 dwt, 7.000 hp, 14 kn. In 1973 she was renamed Alinta and in 1976 Wave for Greek...
  3. Wave

    Istanbul 24/2/2006 Scheepswerf 'Waterhuizen' J. Pattje, Waterhuizen (278).1966 as CHRISTA THIELEMANN 1979 NADIR I 1989 NIXE 1991 LIV-KRISTIN 1992 KATINKA 1992 GREIF 1996 NEW WAVE 2004 WAVE photo by ilhan kermen
1-3 of 3 Results