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  1. Ranginui

    Coaster 'Ranginui', Wellington Harbour Ranginui Built: 1936, Scott and Sons, Bowling, Glasgow Tonnage: 158grt Owners: Inter-Island Sg Co, Nelson, NZ 1936: Built for G.T. Niccol of Auckland 1937: Bought by Northern SSCo, Auckland-Whangarei-Tauranga trade. 1957: Sold to Collingwood Sg Co...
  2. Wellington Harbour

    Wellington Harbour 1955 Taken from Johan Van Oldenbarnvelt quality of phot very poor
  3. Wellington Harbour

    Wellington Harbour NZ 1955 Approaching Berth Johan Van Oldenbarnvelt
  4. Wellington Harbour

    Wellington Harbour NZ 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnvelt approaching Berth
  5. Wellington Harbour

    Wellington Harbour taken in 1955
  6. Little Room For Error

    The narrowest part of the Wellington Harbour
  7. Queen's Wharf, Wellington

    ...While it still looks like a part of the working waterfront. The building with the boat slung off the balcony was originally the laundry depot for the USSCo at Greta Point. The other dark roof building was originally a shopping cpomplex which was ill considered as it went bust. Shell Oil...
  8. Lambton Harbour from St Gerard's Monastery

    Overseas Terminal, Port Nicholson Yacht Club marina and Freyburg tepid baths in foreground.
  9. Wellington Heads from Palmer Head

    In the distance right is Baring Head and the White Monument in the near distance is a Gallipoli memorial set in an environmemnt that is said to resmble Anzac Cove cliffs. between them is the entrance to Wellington Harbour, NZ
  10. Off Steeple Rock 10 April 06

    I did this trip yesterday which was the anniversary of the Wahine disaster. I was very mindful of what happend here and what really got and shocked me was how close we were to shore yet no one was able to swim over there on the day.
  11. Wellington Harbour

    Wellington Harbour, this photo is from a postcard that I bought in the early 1970's. When I was onboard the R V Star Has the harbour changed much??????? Frank
1-12 of 12 Results