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  1. Wellington

    Low cloud shrouding Wellington with Northern Star in port
  2. Te papa museum Wellington

    My tour approaches Captain Cooks Cannon.
  3. Wellington, New Zealand

    A view dating from about the mid to late 1960's. I think two of the vessels are Oriana (on the seaward side of the harbour) and Maori (amongst those on the landward side.) One of the cargo ships looks to be a member of the New Zealand SS Co. but the others I am unable to identify
  4. Aquitania

    Thousands of New Zealanders turned out to see the fully loaded troopship Aquitania, sail out of the port of Wellington on 15 September, 1941. The old four-stacker had been painted over in full troopship gray while docked in this port the month before. This hard-working liner holds the...
  5. Wellington

    The capital of New Zealand looking sparkling in this impressive night view bought there in 2005
  6. Empress of Britain

    The Empress of Britain is seen docked at Wellington during her 1938 round the world cruise.

    Port of Wellington, NZ, in the 1930s. View over Shed 13 on Custom House Quay looking towards the Lyttelton ferry berth, Wellington. Includes Harbour Board sheds 13 (foreground) and 15 (alongside 13). Also includes the following vessels from the foreground into the distance: tug boats 'Natone'...

    Port of Wellington, NZ, Mar 1952.
  9. Leaving Wellington

    past Outer Rock on Barrett Reef.
  10. Kerimoana - Pay slip March to September 1938

    A copy of my father's pay slip from the Kerimoana - Sailed as a Fireman on the delivery (maiden) voyage from Glasgow, Scotland to Wellington New Zealand
  11. SD Kerimoana

    Kerimoana in Dry Dock at Newcastle after turning back from an attempt to cross the Tasman from Brisbane to Wellington N.Z. due to severe storm and insufficient coal. Hull being cleaned of weeds
1-20 of 92 Results