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  1. Mine clearance ship

    The Sperrbrecher 163 ex Friesland, one of the numerous especially equipped mine clearance vessels of the German Kriegsmarine during a convoy sortie in World War II. The Sperrbrecher was usually a merchant vessel converted for destroying mines to clear waterways for following convoys. They had...

    I assume this is her as well. Denholm sold her in 1984 when she became GA CHAU. She had a few more names before being broken up as FIRSTEC in 2009 in China.
  3. Wellpark

    Denholms ore carrier ex Needles, Clyde Shipping Co Named after Tennents brewery per chance
  4. WELLPARK Crossing the Line Ceremony Sept 1978

    L to R: C/O Black, 2/O Griffin, 3/O Smith, Fireman Haywood?, 2/E Jamieson, Cadet Pearce, Capt Connell, Cadet Ohlenschlager, C/E Berry
  5. Ga Chau ex Wellpark

    Denholm's Ga Chau (reg Hong Kong) ex Wellpark, built 1977, 18,622 GRT. Denholm's ex cadet training ship
1-5 of 5 Results