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  1. The gamie

    Not strictly Marine, but it is Search and Rescue Another commission from my friend in Blairgowrie. It is of a Wessex HAR2 SAR helicopter from 'B' Flight 22 Squadron at RAF Leuchars flying low near Craighall gorge just a few miles north of Blairgowrie. W/C A3 Jim
  2. The Searchers

    Did this today. FAA Wessex HU5 of 771 Squadron RNAS Culdrose searches along the Cornish coast line. Might do abit more on the cliffs. W/C 14" X 10" Jim
  3. 848 NAS

    A swarm of Wessex from HMS ALBION approach Gibraltar in April 1965
  4. any idea 2

    awaiting scrap at Portsmouth.....Leander class Frigate plus search and rescue wessex MK1....taken early 80s this is an enlarged copy from a previous post dated October 05
1-4 of 4 Results