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  1. Westsider

    The Westsider Lawson - Batey Tugs Ltd (Tyne Tugs Ltd) seen on the Tyne. Built 1964
  2. Westsider

    Lawson Batey's handsome tug Westsider is seen at South Shields in 1974. Built 1964 she was 151 gr tons.
  3. Westsider, scuttled

    This is a stripped down Westsider, sunk to be a artificial reef off Mabouya Island, Carriacou in Sept 2004. Westsider was built 1964 for Lawson-Batey Tugs, Newcastle and chartered to Tyne Tugs until 1983 when she was transfered to Blyth Tug Co. She worked at Blyth until the Miners Strike made...
  4. Westsider

    This is probably one of the last images of Westsider afloat
  5. Westsiders Engineroom

    This photo was taken from the engineroom gantry showing the open valve operating gear.
  6. Westsiders Engineroom

    This photo was taken looking aft showing the gearbox. Start/run/stop lever in bottom right.
  7. Westsiders Engineroom

    Side view of Westsiders engine showing exhaust and turbo.
  8. Westsiders Engineroom

    This photo shows the rear of the Blyth tugboat (83/84) Westsiders 1000hp Deutz 6 cyl. Engine
  9. Wheelhouse of Westsider

    This photo was taken in 1983, it shows a nice clean well kept wheelhouse.
1-9 of 9 Results