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  1. Westward Ho

    1884 Grimsby built fishing smack Westward Ho entering Torshavn after a voyage from Iceland.
  2. Westward Ho

    'The smack' in icelandic waters, painted in WW2 colours. Westward Ho, TG 322. Still alive as TN 54

    WESTWARD HO, TG 322, bound for Greenland 1952

    WESTWARD HO, TG 322, 1922
  5. Westward Ho, Brandur Sigmundarson

    Brandur Sigmundarson, TN 370, buil in Frederikshavn 1960 active until 1977. Unrealised plans of converting. Sold to Norway and scrapped 1986. Funnel livery red KB on blue flag. Westward Ho, TN 54, ex Viking, built in Grimsby 1884. Picture ca 1970?
  6. Westward Ho, Nordlýsid

    Peaceful winterimage from the western side of Torshavn harbour. Nordlysid (covered with a blue tarpaulin) and Westward Ho are recognizeable. ca. 1993
  7. W-HO?

    This is the old (museum piece) fishing smack Westward Ho, 'under cover'. Tórshavn 4. march 2009.
  8. Westward Ho

    Lining for cod, out of Grimsby.
1-8 of 8 Results