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what ship

  1. What ship

    What ship

    Model of what ship
  2. what  ship

    what ship

  3. What ship

    What ship

    Picture given to me by a now late sailor.
  4. Stirling Castle

    Stirling Castle

    Got this picture years ago from a now late sailor.
  5. Oceana


    Seen at anchor in River Fal. Having trawled through pics found a much better one supplied by Owendvdsn.
  6. what ship??

    what ship??

  7. What ship

    What ship

    Not the shot I intended, but I like it? Thames estuary 1977-83-ish ? Somebody pick up the gauntlet, and name that ship - I haven't a clue
  8. British Major Abadan 1949

    British Major Abadan 1949