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  1. Whitby dredger Esk,1915

    Whitby dredger Esk,1915

    Built 1887 by William Simons and Co Ltd, Renfrew.
  2. Marybridge wrecked at Whitby

    Marybridge wrecked at Whitby

    1925 wreck of an English cargo vessel which stranded at Whitby . This steel sailing vessel, built 1915, was en route from Kingston upon Hull to Thornaby on Tees with wheat.
  3. Whitby


    The port's attractive north jetty
  4. Whitby


    Looking seaward with the bridge across the port open in a photo taken in 2003
  5. Whitby


    Looking across the harbour toward the hilltop Abbey
  6. Guiding Star in Whitby Harbour

    Guiding Star in Whitby Harbour

    Not sure in which category this photo should be displayed. Parkol Marine, Whitby, launched Guiding Star H360 a week earlier than planned on Sunday 23rd March 2014. The 23.95m registered length, 26m overall length vessel is a sister ship to the Our Lass III which was launched in June last year. Guidi
  7. Whitby charter fleet

    Whitby charter fleet

    Whitby charter fleet heading out for a days angling.


    Any help appreciated.
  9. Whitby Harbour

    Whitby Harbour

    Whitby in the sixties.
  10. Whitby Harbour

    Whitby Harbour

    Unknown vessel and paddle tug in the lower harbour,Whitby.
  11. Whitby


    Unusual photo of Whitby Harbour and the German light cruiser Danzig under tow to be scrapped. Info in the link:
  12. Challenger FR90

    Challenger FR90

  13. Progress SN77

    Progress SN77

  14. Esk


    Dredging in Whitby
  15. Whitby Harbour Lifeboat

    Whitby Harbour Lifeboat

    I can only assume that this Gentleman is part of the Lifeboat crew.
  16. Whitby Harbour

    Whitby Harbour

  17. HMHS Rohilla wrecked

    HMHS Rohilla wrecked

    The British hospital ship Rohilla seen here grounded with her back broken off Whitby in late 1914. The SS Rohilla (7114 grt/3970 nrt/7460 tdw) was launched on Sept. 6th, 1906 by Harland & Wolff Co., Belfast, yard number 381, and delivered to British Indian Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. on Nov. 17th, 19
  18. Whitby Harbour

    Whitby Harbour

  19. Sandsend


    The Whitby dredger
  20. Whitby


    North Eastern Guardian III and Hilda of Whitby Fisheries Protection boat and the Whiby Pilot boat. Not sure what the pilot boat does as Whitby does not appear to have any commercial shipping these days.