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  1. Olympic

    One of Frank Beken’s better shots was this view from the air of Olympic steaming off Cowes in 1933.
  2. Olympic

    Olympic is show if in the floating dock at Southampton in the mid to late 1920’s. The view is unusual because it shows steam being vented from the ships forth funnel, which it seems would have been rare given that there was no boiler room beneath the stack. In other views of this ship, some...
  3. Titanic

    Titanic leaves Belfast to begin her sea trials. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but the enclosed promenade on A deck has indeed been completed. Mr. Kempster took a few more shots of the ship as she headed downriver, but he never left the yard to take any additional pictures of the ship...
  4. Titanic Launch

    This shot and the next, are two more views from the John W. Kempster Album. This one provides a rare bow view of Titanic as she was being launched. It’s the only view of the ship seen from under the Gantry during her launch. It’s amazing today to see just how close the crowd of spectators was...

    James Morton Art. R.M.S. Titanic passing the fastnet. In 1912 maiden voyage.

    Aerial photo of R.M.S. Olympic in 1933. In Southampton. White Star dock. 1911 - 1935. The golden age of the ocean liners.
  7. Britannic

    Britannic, built 1930 by Harland and Wolf, Belfast for Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Lt (White Star Line), 26943gt. 19.12.1960 arrived at Inverkeithing to be broken up.
  8. Newsboy Ned Parfett

    One of the most memorable images of the Titanic disaster, as well as one of the earliest photo icons of the 20th Century, is this picture taken on 16 April, 1912. The picture captured a young newsboy outside the White Star Line Offices at Oceanic House in Cockspur Street, London, S.W., holding...
  9. Titanic

    This is one of more than a dozen previously unpublished photographs of the Titanic which were taken by John W Kempster who was a managing director of the Electrical Department at Harland and Wolff in the early 1900’s. He had these pictures, along with more than 100 others, in a photo album that...
  10. Majestic & Mauretania

    This picture was taken in 1922, shortly after Majestic's entry into service. Originally a photo from the New York Herald Tribune, the photographer apparently thought it a novelty to capture both the largest and fastest ships in the world in the same shot.
  11. Teutonic

    Postcard showing Teutonic of the White Star Line
  12. White Star Line

    From a postcard in my collection
  13. White Star Line

    Liverpool to Philadelphia poster
  14. SS Atlantic Memorial

    The SS Atlantic memorial at Lower Prospect in Nova Scotia. The ship stranded at Mars' Point when trying to enter the Halifax harbor in 1873. 562 persons died.
  15. White Star Line

    Reproduction of a White Star Line advertising poster. A good pair of legs well displayed no doubt guaranteed good sales!
  16. Britannic

    Through the work of some skilled artist, the Britannic is shown as she would have appeared while in peacetime service. The original image is actually a late 1915 hospital ship view that has been heavily worked over. The large gantry davits shown on the ship’s stern were never actually...
  17. Titanic

    The Titanic is shown moving down Southampton water during her ill-fated maiden voyage departure. The B&W image of the view is shown here: The mast of a vessel, and the vessel itself, shown behind the bow...
  18. Baltic

    The Baltic is seen at her White Star Pier in New York in 1904, during the brief time in which she was the largest ship in the world.
  19. Bismarck/Majestic

    The German liner Bismarck is launched at the Blohm und Voss shipyard on 20 June, 1914. Notice that, unlike both of Cunard’s and White Star’s three largest ships of the time, the builders of the big German ships installed neither the rudder nor the propellers prior to the ships launch. Eight...
1-20 of 33 Results