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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    This surfaced on another thread regarding Discharge Book numbers. It is very interesting: Quote: At the Port Dock Brewery Hotel in Port Adelaide, South Australia, there is on display the Seaman's Discharge Book of Kate Gold who was Stewardess in 2nd class and survived the sinking. There is a it...
  2. mv Britannic at sea

    Cunard White Star Line's Britannic at sea. Launched by Harland and Wolff in 1929 she was the penultimate ship to join White Star before the merger with Cunard.
  3. Olympic

    This is a very rare shot of the Olympic taken as she exits Belfast Lough during her two days of sea trials, which began on 29 May, 1911. The picture appears to have been taken from a passing vessel that just happened to be there at the right time. It’s the only picture of the ship running her...
  4. Olympic

    A nice view of the Olympic taken at the fitting out pier at Harland and Wolff in 1911. This is another picture from the John W. Kempster album which also included unseen shots of the Titanic. Like the others in the album, this shot too was printed in sepia tone; I’ve changed it to black and...

    R.M.S. Titanic depart to Southampton. In maiden voyage. The Super ship of the White Star Line. 1912. The flag ship of and era. The golden age of the ocean liners. My eternal and dream perfect Ship.
  6. Lapland and Majestic

    Red Stars Lapland and White Stars Majestic are seen entering New York Harbor in October, 1931. Lapland was only two years away from the end of her long career.
  7. Olympic

    Olympic is seen leaving Halifax NS in the fall of 1917 with a full load of Canadian troops bound for the front. The Canadian press made it a point to state whenever the “Old Reliable” was in port.
  8. Olympic

    Ebay recently had an auction for a large collection of ship pictures, and while I lost my bids on a number of them, I went ahead and copied two scans of those being offered. Unfortunately this collector had the habit of sticking his own captions directly on the front of the photograph itself...
  9. Olympic

    White Stars new Olympic is being maneuvered in the Victoria Channel at high water, as she begins her departure from Harland and Wolff to start her sea trials in Belfast Lough on 28 May, 1911.
  10. Olympic

    I’m not sure when this picture of the Olympic was taken. It looks like she has damage to her bow, almost certainly from her collision with the Nantucket Lightship, but the shadow created from the cross-over catwalk of the floating dock makes it difficult to be sure. If I’m correct, the picture...
  11. Olympic

    Olympic is seen at her Southampton Dock after her collision with HMS Hawke on 20 September, 1911. This view gives a good view of the plating that was damaged above the point of the collision. The roll in her plating just above the row of portholes is worse than I originally thought.
  12. Olympic

    The Olympic is see from the stern on the day of her launch, 20 October, 1910. I always thought she was launched with her screws already in place.
  13. Olympic

    This colorized view of the Olympic is not credited to any artist, but it looks much like the work done on other black and white pictures made by Anton Logvinenko. The original image is one of the best and clearest ever taken of the great White Star Liner, and it can be seen here at the...
  14. Olympic

    If we are reading the flags correctly, the Olympic is shown arriving in New York on 15 May, 1934, following her collision with the Nantucket Lightship.
  15. Olympic

    The Olympic is seen at Liverpool on 1 June, 1911, following her acceptance by the White Star Line. The ship would be open to the public during this brief stay. This painting is by artist Robert Lloyd, and it captures both the ship and the port in great detail.
  16. Olympic

    This is an Ebay scan of a hand colored Magic Lantern Slide showing the boat deck of White Stars Olympic. The slide has a date of 1926 on it. The detail of the original image has not been lost with the colorization, even the steam pipes on the back of the third funnel are shown with remarkable...
  17. Majestic

    The Majestic is shown at Southampton in 1936. The ship is being prepared for her withdrawal from active service.
  18. Olympic

    The Olympic is shown at sea in what I believe is the early 1920’s. The bow wave has been doctored a bit in this image, but it’s still a pretty sharp picture that provides a lot of detail. If anyone knows more about the liner’s lifeboat configuration, as shown here, perhaps they can provide a...
  19. Olympic

    The Olympic is shown here dressed overall with flags while docked at Southampton. The original B&W photo of this image has not yet been posted in the SN archive. Both the Olympic and Titanic receive, by far, the heaviest amount of coverage in the book, and were clearly the favorites of artist...
  20. Oceanic

    Here is another view of the Oceanic during her fitting out at Harland and Wolff in April, 1899. In 1905, Oceanic would become the first White Star Liner to suffer a mutiny; the revolt of 35 stokers came about as a result of claims that they were being over worked by officers onboard the ship...
1-20 of 48 Results