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    Three ships of the Norwegian company Wilh. Wilhelmsen. From left: TOLEDO of 1960, TRIANON of 1961. The third ship looks like a sister to TOLEDO and her name ends on I. I can only think of TRIPOLI, but she was a lot larger and sold in 1968. Any ideas?
  2. Barber Hector~Taiko wheelhouse

    Wheelhouse of Barber Hector. Built for the British, she had a more traditional bridge layout compared to her Norwegian sisters.
  3. Barber Hector/ Taiko super cargo cabin

    Living large with a double bed and a bath!
  4. Texas crew lounge

    Texas crew lounge~ same as Tampa, different colour scheme.
  5. Texas

    Texas crew lounge
  6. Tampa crew mess

    Tampa crew mess complete with drum kit
  7. Tampa crew mess

    Tampa crew mess complete with spiral staircase.
  8. Taiko (ex Barber Hector)

    Wilhelmsen's Taiko departing Appleton Dock,Melbourne,June 2013.
  9. June_2006_00065

    Leaving Portbury
1-9 of 9 Results