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  1. William G Walkley

    Engineers have pulled a unit and are taking measurements. Sulzer main engine, naturally aspirated.
  2. William G Walkley

    No.3 lifeboat (Stbd aft)
  3. William G Walkley

    Wheelhouse of this 1956 Sunderland built ship. Pilot chair again just in the right spot! and a Quartermaster who really could steer and alter course!
  4. William G Walkley

    1962, eastbound across the Arafura Sea towards Torres Strait, bright moonlight night and I just had to try a time exposure with my brand new Kodak Retinette 1A camera. As you can see by the star the ship was rolling slightly!
  5. William G Walkley

    A little maintainence on the Standard compass whilst at anchor, Dumai. 1963
  6. William G Walkley

    Kowloon Drydock 1962. Replacing Lignum bearing surfaces in the stern tube.
  7. William G Walkley

    Southbound on the 100 fathom line off NSW coast 1963
  8. William G Walkley

    In drydock, Kowloon, 1962. We were there for 5 weeks repairing a damaged forepeak and putting doubling plates on very pitted original bottom plates
  9. William G Walkley

    Washing down funnel before arrival Botany Bay. The Super was bound to turn up and happiness was a clean funnel
1-9 of 9 Results