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  1. Windjammer

    Can't remember which one. small water colour
  2. Colony

    Picture taken by T.H.Wilton (San Francisco) for the crewmember: François Verreyck who sailed on this ship from 1 june 1909 until 1 june 1910. François Verreyck was a guy from Belgium and lived probabely in Merksen close to Antwerp. This info was found on the backside of the picture witch I bought
  3. Figurehead

    The figurehead on Windjammer Barefoot Cruise's "Legacy's" shows founder, Captain Mike Burke
  4. deck department?

    back in the days when it was a lot harder being in the deck department
  5. Cutty Sark

    named Ferriera and rigged as a barkentine when this was taken in Millwall docks , with a cargo of pitch pine from Florida
1-5 of 5 Results