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  1. Windward Bound, Melbourne Jan 2008

    Windward Bound leaving Williamstown for a days bay cruise. Note the boys aloft.
  2. James Craig, Windward Bound and ST Wattle. Melbourne 2008

    Australia Day weekend at Williamstown, Melbourne, Jan 2008. A gathering of local historic ships. The James Craig sailed down from Sydney, Windward Bound from Tasmania, Wattle is local. Schooner Enerprize is in another shot.
  3. Windward Bound

    Shot taken on: 11/05/07 Seen here off Risdon upstream from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on a afternoon Harbour crusie. The vessel was built in Hobart mainly out of recycled timber.
  4. Windward Bound

    Tasmanian built 2 masted brigantine seen here berthed at Elizabeth St Pier in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She is built manily from recycled timbers and was built by homeless and disadvantaged youth.
1-5 of 5 Results