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  1. Dinner

    Winter Star, aft balcony.
  2. Grill

    Onboard Winter Star - May 1994
  3. Lunch

    Winter Star Officer's Messroom
  4. Local attraction

    Winter Star 30 days on anchorage S of India has attracted lots of attention from local citizens.
  5. Party

    Onboard Winter Star - June 1993
  6. Zorba

    Winter Star - May 1993 Left: George and Tomas Right: Tomas
  7. Winter Star

    I do not remember the name of this tug, she was discharged first.
  8. Winter Star

    Tug Lucy D sailed with us from USA to Dubai together with another tug and barge
  9. Winter Star

    Winter Star had few heavy lifts on deck from USA to Dubai. Picture taken on 09-09-1993 during discharging operations
  10. Anchor

    Winter Star on Great Bitter Lake transiting Suez Canal. It cost few cartons of Marlboro to keep pilot patient before we re-welded shackel's pin.
  11. Winter Star

    In Ballast she was rolling like hell
  12. New Orleans

    Bourbon Street not far from Winter Star, good music, and lots, lots of beer. Never come back.
  13. Kate and Chris onboard

    Winter Star has arrived to Szczecin Poland, dont remember the dates. Kids enjoy looking aroung
  14. Winter Star

    Here Winter Star on anchor South of India, loading cargo from barges. It took 30 days to load 28 000 tons of sand for Antwerp. In Antwerp it took 10 hours only to discharge ...
  15. Crew - Winter Star

    04-06-1994 Philipino Crew did a lot of work to bring this ship to nice looking state. After 4 months of hard work owner did not believe their eyes.
  16. Crew - Winter Star

    My Phillipino Crew - they used to have long contracts. We did a lot of work together. Scanned picture, oryginal from 08-07 1994.
  17. Winter Star

    Winter Star, Cyprus flag in 1994 on the way to Montreal. Bad weater, freezing temperature up to -40 Cand ship to be ready for loading on arrival. Nightmare.
1-17 of 17 Results