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woldingham hill

  1. Woldingham Hill

    Woldingham Hill

    Bought at antiques and collectables shop Woldingham Hill Built: 1943 Davie SB, Lauzon, USA Tonnage: 7,135grt Owners: Counties Ship Management Ltd(R.Kulukundis) 1943: Built as High Park for Govt of Canada 1950: Woldingham Hill 1967: Broken up at Keelung.
  2. Woldingham Hill

    Woldingham Hill

    The "Woldingham Hill"steaming sedately across the Mediterranean. A 'North Sands'type she was completed by Davie S.B. Co., as "High Park" in 1943 and passed to Counties Shipmanagement in 1950 being renamed "Woldingham Hill. She was broken up in Keelung where she arrived Jun