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woolwich ferry
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  1. River Thames from stern of Woolwich Ferry

    This shot from the Greenwich Heritage Centre is taken from the stern of one of the Woolwich Ferries and shows the River Thames sometime during the 1950s.
  2. Ernest Bevin

    Ernest Bevin Built in 1963 and named after Ernest Bevin who was the son of an agriculture labourer. In 1921 Bevin formed the Transport and General Workers Union from 32 separate unions. In 1945 he became Foreign Secretary and represented Woolwich in 1950 until ill health forced him to retire in
  3. Possibly my first cruise?

    James Newman Built in 1963 and named after James Newman who was a distinguished citizen of Woolwich and an important worker in the field of local government.....taken 15.03.2006, Woolwich
1-3 of 3 Results