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  1. Ship Research
    Does anyone know of or can confirm if an RFA tanker visited Saigon in the early 70‘s with a cargo of Avgas for the US military?
  2. River Thames, Woolwich Ferry and Royal Docks from Bellwater Gate, Woolwich

    This shot from Greenwich Heritage Centre was taken sometime in the 1950s and shows one of the famous Woolwich Ferries making the crossing northbound and in the background, several funnels can be seen belonging to vessels moored in King George V Dock. This photograph was taken in Bellwater Gate...
  3. River Thames looking north from Woolwich

    This shot sourced from the Greenwich Heritage Centre shows the famous Woolwich Free Ferries during the 1950s and looks north across the River Thames towards the Royal Docks where several funnels can be seen in the distance.
  4. Woolwich Reach 1960s

    Here's another one from the 1960 (?) PLA Handbook which shows a more general aerial view of Woolwich Reach, with the Royal Docks in the right foreground and the India/Millwall and Surrey Commercial Docks in the distance. On a more sombre note, this is sort of view that a Luftwaffe crew would...
  5. James Newman

    A passing vessel during my 'trip' yesterday - nice to feel the motion of the ship beneath your feet again!! (For anyone that doesn't know - it's one of the Woolwich ferries!)
1-5 of 5 Results