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  1. Worcester (III)

    I finally got around to snapping the Worcester at Greenhithe in 1978 on 6 May. Returning within a month or so in ideal light and with improved local knowledge as to the angles I wanted it was too late - she had been towed to The Ghent Canal for scrap. I felt it summed up my Thames photography...
  2. Worcester, Greenhithe, Grounds

    For Durango ... a cold winter scene from HMS Worcesters yard arm looking ashore to the causeway and grounds belonging to the ship. Now smothered in "Little houses made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same"
  3. Creole, Tall ships race

    Creole was an entry in the first Tall Ships Race from Torquay to Lisbon in 1956. A party of cadets from HMS Worcester were lucky enough to be selected to help crew her to Lisbon much to the envy of the rest of us. This is a fabulous shot of her under full sail by the most famous sail...
  4. Worcester, Cutty Sark and Sara at Greenhithe

    Not the same as Stan mayes photo posted today but a painting by Roger Morris. Well known as a marine artist and author of two wonderfull books on Sailing ships, Altlantic Sail and Pacific Sail .. track them down they are brilliant. Roger was also a Worcester cadet while Cutty Sark belonged to...
  5. Worcester

    1970. Looking aft towards Reeds paper mill.
  6. Worcester Masts

    1970. Masts of training ship Worcester.
  7. "Worcester" Model

    Model of my first ship.
1-7 of 8 Results