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  1. Boat and Girl

    From time to time a nice boat is passing by ...
  2. Australind (IV), Auckland

    Australind (IV), Auckland Harbour c.1960's Built: 1961 Bartram, South Dock Tonnage: 6,276grt Owners: Australind SSCo(Trinder Anderson) 1975: Sold, r/n 'Johanna U' 1983: Arabian Merchant 1984: Lemonia 1984: Broken up, Pusan.
  3. Amethyst Dardanelles and Gallipoli

    Built Armstrong, Elswick, laid down January 1903, completed March 1905. Sold for breaking up at Milford Haven,1/10/1920. Displacement: 3000 tons. Speed: 21.75 Knots. Crew 296. Armament: Twelve 4 -inch Guns, Eight 3 pdr guns and Four machine Guns Two 18-inch Torpedo Tubes. At the...
  4. Submarine K26

    The twin funnelled, coal fired, steam driven K boats were the biggest fastest submarines of the First World War. But these ‘submersible destroyers’, known as the ‘Kalamity K’s’, suffered an unprecedented series of accidents and disasters. Ordered by the Admiralty to satisfy the Grand Fleet...
  5. Queen Elizabeth in Cape Town during WW2

    This image of the Queen Elizabeth in Table Bay must have taken when she stopped here on a trooping voyage. I dont know how many times she called here during wartime, but as far as I know the only other stop she made here was as Seawise University on her way to Hong Kong on what was to be her...
  6. stoker 1914

    grandad skelly stoker 1914-1918 thats all we know (didnt brag) so no name of ship but was on mine sweeper....just to add i did some training on an ex mine sweeper down south loverly piece of kit...any other info appriciated
1-6 of 8 Results