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  1. Ship Research
    Hi guys! (sorry, I was absent for quite a while!) I am currently building a 96th scale model of the wartime Liberty ship FORT ORANGE. Having been in love with these ugly ducklings since decades, with books and plans flying about all around me, and the nowadays typical internet research, I...
  2. Union Castle - Safmarine
    Dear All, Although a history of the services of the line in the First World War was published, (The Union-Castle and the War, 1914-1918, by E. F. Knight, illustrations by Edmund F. Fuller, privately printed, 1920) I can find no trace of any such history of the Union-Castle Line's services in...
  3. Maritime Family History Research
    My uncle, Thomas Sturdy Wharton, was in the Royal Navy and spent some days on a life raft after his ship was sunk in 1942. He ended up in Australia. I'd like to know what ship he was on and what incident he was involved in. I have searched the internet, including Australian newspapers, and I...

    Old steamer load iron ore in Vitória Brazil in 1940(?), by sources its a first load of iron ore made in Vitória, iron ore came from Minas Gerais state, belongs to Itabira Iro Ore Mining Company, by train down 400km from West. After this, Brazilian government assign agreement with Washington...
  5. Boudreaux,Clarence J.

    Do you recognize my Grandfather Clarence? Searching for any info anyone can contribute. Thank You
  6. SS Prague as hospital ship

    WWII hospital ship "Prague". She was built by John Brown & co at their Clydebank shipyard in 1929, weighed 4,200 tons and was used on the Harwich-Hook crossing. In 1939 she was requisitioned by the Navy and used in 1940 to evacuate from our forces from Dunkirk and in 1944 in the D-Day...
  7. Gran Canaria

    Tug Gran Canaria at Las Palmas
  8. CHESS

    Photo taken at Terneuzen (the Netherlands) on May 06, 2005
  9. Tip of the spear

    Germany's battleship, KMS Bismarck, sailing on a calm North Sea at sunset
  10. Trails of death

    Imagined grainy shot through U-boat periscope: torpedoes on their way to target
  11. Orenda Bridge

    Foredeck,Orenda Bridge ( Houlder) May 1975.
  12. Bermuda Triangle

    The Eastmoor, un-escorted, is depicted here slugging northward in the Gulf Stream around 6PM March 31, 1942. In 10 more hours she'll be hit by a torpedo in the stern from U-71. Captain James Basil Rodgers, 12 crewmen and 3 gunners will go down with her within 12 minutes. The remaining 29...
  13. HMS Electra (My Hero Ship)

    This ship escorted HMS Prince of Wales against the Bismark and picked ip the three servivers from the Hood. Also there when the Prince of Wales and the Repules was Sunk and picked up servivers. It was sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea, it sailed into the smoke and was never seen again.
  14. port said

    a pic of a destroyer a long side 1941
1-14 of 16 Results