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  1. Yamato model.jpg

    This giant 10th scale model of the Japanese Battleship Yamato is on display in Kure. People on the balcony provide additional scale to the size of this model.
  2. Yamato

    Seen at a lay by buoy in the Caland Canal in Rotterdam the Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha massive bulker has perhaps tested the port's working capacity as unusually it has to wait before discharge in 1993. Built 1991 she was 93,699 gr tons and provided the opportunity of a close look at something that...

    A close detail of this mighty Japanese battleship.
  4. Yamato

  5. Yamato

  6. Yamato

    I was given this model yesterday by a friend at work. It's an old 1/200 scale Nichimo motorised model of the Yamato that someone has started and all the parts are still in the box (which measures 53 inches). Does anyone have any idea how old this model is ? regards, Bob
  7. Yamato - colour

    This is one of the colourised photos of the Yamato I mentioned in the previous Yamato thread. Available as a poster on ebay recently
  8. YAMATO?- Anyone know Japanese?

    Whilst looking for material on the Japanese WW II battleship YAMATO came across this site at this link: yamato-OG.htm It/s a collection of pics of what looks like a mock up of her but unfortunately everything is in Japanese but it/s certainly an interesting set of...
1-8 of 8 Results