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yankee trader
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  1. Yankee Trader / us Hydrographer

    I've attached a copy from Popular Science 1930 year which gives a cutaway view of the Yankee Trader when originally launched as US Hydrographer, with no sailing masts.
  2. Yankee Trader (US Hydrographer)

    The Yankee Trader was previously the US Hydrographer MSS19 (Medium Survey Ship), Survey Ship (AGS2), (briefly designated Patrol Yacht PY30). Built at the Spear Engine Works Norfolk Virginia. She was converted to carry 70 passengers and fitted with a two mast arrangement. IMO number 8844309. Launched
  3. Yankee Trader

    MY Yankee Trader alongside in Freeport Bahamas Sept 26th 1984. She had a fire in the engine room which was extinguished by a party from RFA Grey Rover (right of the picture). HMS Yarmouth, who was berthed futher along, sent a fire party to cover Grey while her team was in action. It took a couple of
1-3 of 3 Results