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  1. "Kaitawa" memorial.

    "Kaitawa" memorial.

    This is a photo of the memorial and plaque on the northern breakwater of Westport harbour on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The Union Steamship collier "Kaitawa" cleared the port at 1315 on 21st May 1966 bound for Whangarei harbour on the north east of the North Island
  2. BH-227-Nimrod


  3. Rotterdam in Los Angeles, 1996

    Rotterdam in Los Angeles, 1996

  4. Schwabenstein


    Hapag Llyod's 21-knot far eastern cargo liner seen at Rensburg Missing Hapag's ' Munchuen ' or ' Munich ', probably built in the 50's, yellow funnel. Does anyone have the photos ?
  5. Irish Plane

    Irish Plane

    Maiden voyage 1963 North Pacific
  6. Shetland type boat

    Shetland type boat

    FAO Alan Besant
  7. Falderntor


  8. Maltesee Dghajsa

    Maltesee Dghajsa

    Always well maintained
  9. GarrochHead


  10. Boarding boat.

    Boarding boat.

    Humber boarding boat.
  11. Nancy Dee

    Nancy Dee

    The "Nancy Dee" loading chrome ore at Paradeep, India, for Japan.
  12. hoverspeed


    stern shot of the Diamant in the dying summer days of Hoverspeed in dover
  13. Jalajaya - Scindia Line (India)

    Jalajaya - Scindia Line (India)

    Liverpool docks c.1970
  14. MSC Sylvana

    MSC Sylvana

    MSC Sylvana. 8400TEU container ship to be delivered from DSME, Okpo, Korea Friday 24/02/2006
  15. MV Sussex 1963

    MV Sussex 1963

  16. Stranded


    Don't really know if this was an accident or was it beached and left.Can anybody put light on the subject.Picture taken on the isle of Bute 2003
  17. Entering Freo

    Entering Freo

  18. Ramform Victory

    Ramform Victory

  19. Nils Amelon

    Nils Amelon

    The "Nils Amelon" berthing at Lyttelton. Sold in 1975, renamed "Ocean Sailor" and in 1977 "Hong Gu Cheng" of COSCO. Broken up at Alang in 1997.
  20. Demodocus


    "Demodocus" at Birkenhead.