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  1. Yokohama


    Yokohama harbor from New Grand Hotel, 1963. Ship is Hikawa Maru Yokohama.
  2. Yokohama Pilot Boat

    Yokohama Pilot Boat

  3. Iziyaki street

    Iziyaki street

    Favourite shopping street for most people I sailed with when visiting Japan. Everyone knew where it was and what was available there. I have purchaed a Yamaha guitar, a couple of transistor radios, silks and Mikimoto pearls plus much more that I can't remember.
  4. Hikawa Maru

    Hikawa Maru

    5152 Hikawa Maru, Yokohama, 01052013
  5. Hikawa Maru

    Hikawa Maru

    5023 Hikawa Maru, Yokohama, 30042013 The 11,622 GRT Hikawa Maru was built in 1929 by Yokohama Dock Co. yard #177; for the Nippon Yusen KK line, Tokyo. Specifications Length 163.3m (536ft) Beam 20.1m (66ft) Gross tonnage 11,622 tons Engine Burmeister & Wain diesel Propulsion Twin screws Service s


    Kurama Maru seen at Yokohama 17th April 2013
  7. Yokohama


  8. Run ashore

    Run ashore

    Some of the crew heading ashore from GLYNTAF anchored off Yokohama 1966. Ch Steward wearing dark suit standing, plus some of the catering crew and two deck apprentices sitting top left. Wasn't there a name we gave these boats, I can't remember?
  9. Yokohama


    Pier of Yokohama, pre WWII
  10. Yokohama 1970ties

    Yokohama 1970ties

    Picture of a japanese port in the late seventies believed to be Yokohama ??
  11. Preserved liner Hikawa Maru (Yokohama)

    Preserved liner Hikawa Maru (Yokohama)

    Taken in 1961 yokohama, even then it was considered worth preserving a 1930's liner, still in good shape today I believe. Can some knowledgeable body put a name to the ship
  12. King Alexander The Great

    King Alexander The Great

    View from the bridge whilst she was fitting out, bulk carrier Pacific Princess on the right of the photo.
  13. Yokohama


    A selection of dens from the 1960`s.