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  1. Zwarte Zee (4) on tow to Bass Strait 1967.png

    L Smit tugboat Zwarte Zee (Black Sea) and double tow comprised of "stack pack" (2 cargo barges and 2 AHTs piggy backed) and Ingram Derrick Barge 3 from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Port Welshpool, a towage of approx. 10,000 nautical miles, in the fall of 1967.

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful tug: Smit's ZWARTE ZEE of 1963. Identification Data Build: 1963 Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) IMO number: 5423128 Nat. Official Number: 11476 Z ROTT 1963 Category: Tug Propulsion: Motor Vessel Type: Tug Material Hull: Steel...
  3. Zwarte Zee

    Dutch tug Zwarte Zee (oil painting on panel 70x50 cm)
  4. Zwarte Zee

    Dutch tug Zwarte Zee (oil painting on panel 50x40cm)
  5. Zwarte Zee

    Dutch tug Zwarte Zee (oil on panel 50x40cm)
  6. ZWARTE ZEE (trials)

    Smit's tug ZWARTE ZEE was Europe's largest and most powerful tug in 1933. Her sea trials began on 3rd October 1933 (photo) and that was quite an event in The Netherlands, since Princess Juliana (24) was on board.

    Identification Data (Source: Year built: 1933 Nat. Official Number: 5456 Z ROTT 1933 Category: Tug Type: Tug Masts: Two masts Material Hull: Steel Decks: 1 Construction Data Shipbuilder: L. Smit & Zoon's Scheeps- & Werktuigbouw N.V., Kinderdijk, Netherlands Yardnumber...
  8. Zwarte Zee

    Just one of the many models displayed at the Newhaven Local and Maritime Museum
  9. Zwarte Zee

    Dutch tug 'Zwarte Zee' in a gale (oil painting on panel 40x40 cm)
  10. Zwarte Zee 1933

    Hollands Glory. Zwarte Zee 1933 National Sleepvaart Museum, Maassluis Well worth a visit.
  11. Zwarte Zee

    Painting of the Zwarte Zee, the most famous tug many years agoo
1-12 of 12 Results