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Hello Folks,

Over the past few months I have received several enquiries about
whether there will be another Caronia Re-union. From those
people who have attended those organised by Peter Jelley in the
past, the desire expressed is that there should be one final one
held while there are still enough people around to make it viable.

At every opportunity that's presented itself from direct conversations
it looks like there is still enough interest to support such a gathering.
Valentine's Day, 14th February 2006 will be the 60th anniversary
of Caronia's keel-laying at John Brown's yard. So, I don't think that
we can let the first Caronia Diamond Anniversary pass without
something being organised to celebrate it.

At this point I'm still making enquiries and doing the basic research.
What I'd really like to get a handle on as soon as possible is the
probable numbers of people likely to attend. While this is aimed
mainly at the crew members, through this medium we can probably
make contact with many others who had connections with the ship.
I'm thinking of those who were involved with her building in
Scotland and her maintenance in Liverpool, Southampton and Belfast.

If you, a member of your family, would like to attend, please post
a message in the Caronia Forum Once you have done this, please
make a point of visiting here regularly for progress news. The venue
will be probably be in either Southampton or Liverpool, and either
during May or June 2006.

I have created a dedicated topic in the Caronia Forum for you to
register your interest. Please don't overlook this because if there are
insufficient numbers to attend, the event won't happen!

I want to emphasise that this will not be limited to just former crew!
If you or a member of your family had any connection with the Caronia,
and you would like to attend, then do please register your interest as
soon as possible.

Could I please ask you to help me advertise this as widely as possible.
If there is someone you know who was involved with the Caronia
at any time, please tell them. If you are a webmaster, can I invite
you to help also?

Many Thanks, I'm hoping that this will be a memorable event!

Steve (Peter S.)
Caronia II Timeline Webmaster
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