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In Iceland, Akureyri is expecting 141 calls and 120,000 guests, marking an additional 15 calls from 2017. The trend continues for 2019, with around 150 calls scheduled and more coming in, according to Petur Olafsson, port director.

“Akureyri is a great base camp if you are interested in exploring the many natural wonders of the north of Iceland,” Olafsson said. “The area surrounding Akureyri has waterfalls, volcanic areas and canyons as well as numerous exciting activities.”

Locally, there is a new high-powered tugboat, and plans call for rebuilding the pier in the heart of the town center in time for the 2020 cruise season. The berth will accommodate smaller ships, while further plans call for extending the Tangabryggja pier from 200 meters to 350 meters, also in time for the 2020 season.

“All of the infrastructure in Iceland has to follow this growth, not only the ports,” Olafsson said. “We need more buses and guides and I am optimistic that it will happen.”

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