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Hi All,

I am David, Albert Kinnersley's son. Tragically, we lost Dad following an accident at home on 27th April. His funeral will be at South Shields Crematorium on May 14th. I am looking for any of my Dad's old ship mates who might have a tale or two to tell about him. I know my Dad sailed on the MV Temple Main in the late 60's and then spent most of his Merchant Navy career with Esso from the early 70's until he retired.

I am currently trying to put together information about Dad's life at sea that we can use at his funeral next week. I already have a couple of tales but you can never have too many. So any help would be much appreciated. Dad is Rear left in the picture, taken on the Temple Main, his cousin Bruce is next to him but one. Front left is my Uncle Tony Manning.

Thanks in Advance

David Kinnersley


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