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The Coral Adventurer has been delivered to Coral Expeditions as the global cruise ship orderbook opens at 122 new ships set for debut between now and 2027.

The most recent news is the new SeaDream Innovation, set for a 2021 debut with capacity for 220 guests.

While key industry executives descended upon the 34th annual Marine Hotel Association (MHA) trade show and conference, among the topics was the expanding cruise industry. The overall cruise industry is set to grow from about 380 ships and an annual passenger capacity of approximately 27.8 million passengers this year to more than 500 ships and 40 million passengers by 2027, according to the 2019 Cruise Industry News Annual Report.

MSC has the biggest plans of all, with 13 more ships on order between today and 2027, adding an estimated 49,384 berths to the cruise business.

A record 39 different cruise lines have ships on order, with the average passenger capacity coming in at 2,227 guests, and an average cost of $584 million and $262,403 per berth.

Download the current cruise ship orderbook as a PDF by clicking here.

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