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During WW1, the problem of providing ships to man a blockade of the "gap" between the UK, Iceland and Greenland had been solved using armed merchant cruisers (AMCs). The same approach was followed during WW2 and many merchant ships were requisitioned for this purpose.

This page provides a list of these ships.

Maintaining this list[edit]

It is possible that this list contains errors or omissions. If you notice any errors or omissions, please send a Private Message to Benjidog or another SN Moderator so we can fix it.

Table of AMCs in WW2[edit]

AMCs in WW2

AlauniaOil fired - steamAlcantaraOil fired - steam
AndaniaOil fired - steamAntenorOil fired - steam
ArawaOil fired - steamAscaniaOil fired - steam
AsturiasOil fired - steamAuraniaOil fired - steam
AusoniaOil fired - steamCaliforniaOil fired - steam
CantonOil fired - steamCarinthiaOil fired - steam
CarthageOil fired - steamCathayOil fired - steam
ChitralOil fired - steamCormorinOil fired - steam
CorfuOil fired - steamEsperance BayOil fired - steam
ForfarOil fired - steamHectorOil fired - steam
Jervis BayOil fired - steamLaconiaOil fired - steam
LetitiaOil fired - steamMaloja (2)Oil fired - steam
MonowaiOil fired - steamMontclareOil fired - steam
MooltanOil fired - steamMoretan BayOil fired - steam
Prince DavidOil fired - steamPrince HenryOil fired - steam
Prince RobertOil fired - steamQueen of BermudaOil fired - steam
RajputanaOil fired - steamRanchiOil fired - steam
RanpuraOil fired - steamRawalpindiOil fired - steam
ScotstounOil fired - steamTransylvaniaOil fired - steam
VoltaireOil fired - steamWolfeOil fired - steam
LaurenticCoal fired - steamAurenticCoal fired - steam
PatrpclusCoal fired - steamBuloloDiesel engined
Carnavon CastleDiesel enginedCheshireDiesel engined
CiliciaDiesel enginedCircassiaDiesel engined
DerbyshireDiesel enginedDunnottar CastleDiesel engined
Dunvegan CastleDiesel enginedKanimblaDiesel engined
ManooraDiesel enginedPretoria CastleDiesel engined
SalopianDiesel enginedWestraliaDiesel engined
WorcestershireDiesel engined

  1. Article by Arnold Hague - exact origin is not known
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