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Fire on the Trojan Star

was a pig to bunker and rolled like a bastard no matter the weather. One guy killed in an engine room fire the trip after I left. Dangerous ship when bunkering and that is what caused the blaze - trying to share a BA set in a CO2 filled ER I believe is what killed the engineer.
I sailed on her the trip after you, Sheerness to Kingston. I was supposed to bunker her in Kingston, but refused to do so unless one of the gennies was shut down, as the diesel DB tank vented immediately beneath the exhaust manifold and I was concerned I'd have a spill and cause a fire. 2nd Eng (can't remember his name, probably as well!) called me all the names under the sun and did the bunkering himself with the genny running and exactly what I had foreseen happened, he pressed the tank up a bit too much and diesel went over the manifold and caught fire. We shut everything up, and the C/E banged in the CO2 but I'm not convinced all heads were counted before it went became apparent that Dave Severn was still trapped in the Control Room when the CO2 went in. We will never know what happened but his body was recovered later that day. The Control Room design was old and would not be allowed today as there was no emergency exit.

The Kingston fire service was called early on in the piece, but I don't recall seeing them at any stage. There were wives on board, including mine who was on her first trip...they were ashore at the time, thankfully.

That ship was a pure bugger, she'd been run into the ground by previous owners/managers, and was desperately unsafe, and given the option, she should have been scrapped after the fire in Kingston...There were problems of design (stupid place for a vent pipe, no C/R emergency exit, etc.) and problems of maintenance (Quick-Close valves that wouldn't because they were broken, oil leaks etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum)

Funny thing, I sailed on the Tuscan, her sister ship a bit later (I must have really blotted my record to get both!) and though she was badly maintained, she was a reasonably happy ship with (to my aging memory) not too many breakdowns
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