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From the Khaleej Times -

Six sailors killed as ship capsizes off Yemeni coast

DUBAI — Six sailors lost their lives and 13 others were rescued after an Emirati cargo vessel, 'Mariam4' sank off the Yemeni island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean due to bad weather.

The vessel sank on Wednesday night while it was on its way to Zanzibar in Tanzania from the Omani port of Salalah with its 19 crew members. The ship is managed by Hufoofa Cargo and Clearing Company located at the Hamriah Port, Dubai.

When Khaleej Times contacted the owner of the shipping company, he denied to release any details but reliable sources said that the crew members are hailing from India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Somalia.

"Among the victims four were identified as two Indian nationals and two Burmese while the rest were unidentified. We did not get the names of the crew members," said the source, adding that the crew was not hired only in the UAE but by different agencies.

"The mishap took place on Wednesday night. But we got information a day later and still we are waiting for more information," added the source.

According to the reports from Sana in Yemen, the vessel was carrying a cargo of around 5,000 tonnes of Omani cement from Salalah to Zanzibar when it drifted off in bad weather and ran aground about 30 nautical miles off the Yemeni island of Abdul - Kori. After getting a distress call from the vessel, Yemeni coast guard boats were despatched to the scene. The body of a sailor was recovered early yesterday morning and navy ships patrolling the area as a part of a US-led anti-terrorism mission, pulled five other bodies later in the afternoon. The rescued crew members were admitted to a hospital in Aden.

The 97-metre-long merchant vessel had stopped in Aden in Yemen for re-fuelling before heading for Zanzibar.
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