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From the MCA -


The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is reassuring seafarers that it will be `business as usual during the forthcoming pipe bomb removal programme announced earlier today.

During the operation to remove the pipe bombs by Army bomb disposal experts, areas of Lee-on Solent will be evacuated to ensure a safety zone.
The Coastguard rescue helicopter India Juliet, its backup aircraft `Victor Alpha and the buildings housing the Solent Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) and the Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team base are normally based within that zone.
India Juliet will relocate to join its fellow helicopter Whiskey Bravo at Portland near Weymouth. The Coastguard Rescue Team based at the MRCC will be located locally.
Coastguard Watch keeping staff working at Solent will relocate to Portland Coastguard Station and from there, they will coordinate search and rescue for the Solent district by utilising modern technology enabling the switching of aerials from one location to another.
This is a tried and tested system, ensuring that coordination of search and rescue for the Solent area will remain the same despite the Coastguards working from a different location.
The MCA purchased part of the ex-HMS Daedalus site from Defence Estates in March 2006 to maintain an airfield locally for its search and rescue aircraft and with the intention of redeveloping part of it for a new Search and Rescue helicopter facility.
The rest of the site was purchased by South East Development Agency (SEEDA). The continued existence of the WWII pipe bombs became known only after the purchase and during initial works on the site.

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Don't know Fubar except that the local rag refers to them as pipe mines. On certain days from Sptember 25th, the same day we go to Bilbao, thousands of people in the surrounding area will ve evacuated as bomb disposal experts remove 20 pipe mines found under the old naval base of HMS Daedalus at Lee-on-the-Solent. Remember, this is a land base, nothing to do with the Solent itself.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency purchased part of the ex HMS Daedalus site from the Defence Estates in March this year to maintain an airfield locally for its search and rescue aircraft and build new headquarters.

The rest of the site was purchased by South East Development Agency.

The Second World War pipe bombs(which would have blown up the base in the event of a German invasion)became known only after the purchase of the site. I think other airfields had these mines laid which would have been blown up if the German's invaded. But others would have been removed years ago. However, this one seems to have been overlooked until the base was sold.

For five weeks, rescue helicopter India Juliet will move to Portland as the former HMS Daedalus is cordoned off. David

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You're probably right, David, but it would be a habit peculiar to Grey Funnel Line. Or maybe special for the south coast close to the old hun. Probably every HM Warship had to have scuttling charges no matter what!
I haven't heard of it in my airfield research as having been used by the RAF. They tended to lots of static defences and the ability to bomb their own airfields as they retreated.
There are always exceptions of course. Up until we saw some gains for our side most airfields were grass strips. The concrete runways only came in as the bombers got bigger. Our local airfields didn't get runways until 1943/44. Most new airfields built during the war had concrete runways from about 1943.
The figure for concrete used on airfields was something daft like a three lane dual carriage way that would stretch round the earth.
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