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Hi folks,
I know I haven't been here for a long while. I have been frequenting the very active BP Shipping Facebook group recently.
I asked the people there if anyone had a lapel pin like the one that John Crosbie gave me and one thing has led to another and we are planning to order some after lockdown ends.
Everyone there was very keen to have the pins made in the UK, whereas most badge makers get them made in China. So we have to wait until the company comes back to work before we get a quote.

This is just a heads-up for now. I will come back when they are available to buy.

Please DO NOT tell me you want one or this thread will likely fill up with boring "me too" posts.

All the best.

[BTW, for those who sailed with him I can confirm that John Crosbie is still fine!]


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BP House Flag lapel pin

There is always a tale to an unusual topic, in this case of BP's lapel pin, it did not start at the British Tanker Co, BP Tanker Co or BP Shipping.

Around 2011 an ex Vindicatrix 'Boy', Terry Smith a the time living in Bedfordshire had the idea of making a number of different shipping company lapel pin badges for as he put it, "lads of the TS Vindicatrix Association". These 'lads' sailed with many different shipping companies, so it was to be quite some task.

One of the many companies Vindi boys sailed with was BP. He went about making copies of other company's but evidently had a problem with BP's, the lion! Somehow he had come across my BP Apprentices website which included a copy of the house flag and in 2011 he contacted me asking if I had any objections if he copied it, naturally I did not.

On the 10 August 2011 I received a letter from him (I still have it) which included one of his original BP lapel pins. They were to be on sale to Vindi personnel at 5.80 pounds and if any were left I could have them.

At the same time Terry wondered whether BP were interested in what he had designed, I suggested he contacted BPS direct. He did so and BPS gave him permission to make 100 copies, mine was one.

An identical copy is shown in Nina's original posting. I know John Crosbie and wonder how he obtained that copy.

I think at the time BPS were very interested and eventually decided to make their own model which is shown in post #2 and gave them out at the 2015 100th Anniversary. Their design however did not include the mast.

So Terry Smith ex Vindi boy, take a bow.

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