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Found another fine piccie, backside says Alex Duncan so the credits to him.
The Brasil Star 1949
Blue Star Line's S.S. "Brasil Star"
Built: Cammell Laird & Company Ltd., Birkenhead ON: 181751
Dimensions: 478.4 x 68.3 x 35.9 feet
Tonnage: Gross : 10716 Net : 6342
Propulsion: Three steam turbines by the shipbuilder powered by two Babcock & Wilcox sinuous header boilers, double reduction geared to one shaft. Service speed: 16 kts.
Type: Refrigerated Cargo/Passenger Liner, 53 1st Class passengers, 6 refrigerated hatches
Launched: 6/03/1947 ( Yard No.1174) as Brasil Star for Frederick Leyland & Co. Ltd.,
Blue Star Line Ltd. as managers
Completed: 10/1947
Transferred: 1950 to Union International Co. Ltd. - same managers
Sold: 1972 to Nissho-Iwai Co., Japan for demolition, resold to Tung Seng Steel & Iron Works, Taiwan 10/10/1972 and arrived at Kaohsiung 10/101972 to be broken up
Demolition commenced: 15/12/1972
Demolition completed: 30/1/1973
Argentina Star
Paraguay Star
Uruguay Star


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Hi Lads,sailor 63 here,the old Brasil was my final voyage,London to Bremen, 5th of June 1970 to the 30th july. dry dock i think. I know we flew home. If i,d known how quick those old boats were going to disappear i would never have jacked in when i did! all we got now is memories and wishful thinking eh. cheers, Colin Knight. 1963 to 1970.
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