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The big brands serving the British domestic cruise market: P&O UK, Cunard, Marella Cruises, in addition to Saga Cruises, are all poised to grow amid a bullish future outlook, according to the 2018-2019 Cruise Industry News Annual Report.

By 2027, P&O Cruises UK will have welcomed a pair of new ships, for a nine-ship fleet and a total projected market capacity of just under one million passengers. Fellow Carnival Corporation brand Cunard Line will have grown to four queens by then, marking more than 30 percent growth in passenger capacity as well.

TUI-owned Marella Cruises is also on a strong growth trek, welcoming new-to-Marella tonnage on an annual basis recently.

While the Marella fleet is expected to remain at six ships for the foreseeable future, those pieces of hardware swap out to newer and larger ships, with Marella expected to carry just under 500,000 guests by 2020, well up from just under 400,000 this year.

At Saga Cruises, two newbuilds join the British brand in 2019 and 2020 respectively, giving the Saga fleet a modern look, and driving passenger capacity to record levels.


About the Annual Report:

The Cruise Industry News Annual Report is the only book of its kind, presenting the worldwide cruise industry through 2027 in 400 pages.

Statistics are independently researched.

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The report covers everything from new ships on order to supply-and-demand scenarios from 1987 through 2027+. Plus there is a future outlook, complete growth projections for each cruise line, regional market reports, and detailed ship deployment by region and market, covering all the cruise lines.

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