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Sailed on the 'Tweed in 1985. By this time she was under Stolt management manned by Stolt personel except Master & C/E who were BP men.She was put under the Bahamas flag and renamed "BP Tweed" as was the 'Humber which was managed by Dorchester Marine.
This I believe was a try-out before flagging out the entire BP fleet and at the time,we as Stolt personnel were expecting to manage a chunk of the BP fleet but this did not materialize in the end,the 'Tweed we handed over to Dorchester in early 1986 at Tarragona.
The ship was fitted with a RAS deck & equipment which was still there at the time I was on her, but believe it was never used as the Falklands campaign had ended. It came in useful for barbeque's and sun-bathing though!
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