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I am aware that there has been little movement on the proposed reunion for quite a while. I was waiting until roughly the end of July to see what sort of numbers we could muster and most of you have followed the thread.

Unfortunately my wife tripped and fell in London recently (on the way to the pub, not from it! ) and broke her hand rather badly. This is taking a very long time to heal and she is still some way from regaining full use of her hand. For those of you that have experienced this syndrome it means a very heavy increase in domestic workload for the remaining fit person and this plus the fact that my business is going through a busy period whilst short staffed has meant I have had much less time to apply to the project than intended.

The general feeling is that a reunion is a good idea but pragmatically I have to say that I am not sure that I will be able to apply the relevant amount of time and effort to ensure it is organised properly under my present cir***stances. We therefore have 2 choices. Someone else picks up the reins and I hand over the very limited amount of work I have done so far, or we postpone it for a year or so until I have, hopefully, sold my business and am fully retired. I am aware that many people will have to travel and therefore we cannot organise this at short notice.

I had very loosely pencilled in the weekend of 28th April 2007 for the reunion. I have contacted a very helpful organisation called and they are looking for hotel venues. I have also put a very tentative toe in the water to see if a visit of some interest to us could be arranged.

I understand from attendees at the previous reunions that Bootle Town Hall was used for both and that the 1989 get together totalled 400 people - I very much doubt that we will get anywhere near that number. Individuals were left to organise their own hotels. Sponsorship was also obtained for things like ladies table gifts, ties etc - I would rather doubt that such sponsorship is likely so many years after the demise of the company.

Assuming that this is going to go ahead in some form can people please give opinions on:-

1. Would you prefer to be all resident in the same hotel?

2. Is meeting on Friday afternoon, informal dinner etc followed a more formal evening on Saturday the preferred option?

3. How important is an organised event on the Saturday?

4. Do we need to go the trouble of ladies table gifts, ties, lapel badges etc. or are we just happy to get together and talk about old times? By lapel badges I mean the metallic sort - my business can easily produce identification badges for everyone.

I personally think a reunion will be great and I am sure the message will spread well beyond this board, the question is how do we go forward from here.
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