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Any metallic rigging or metal bodies near the transmitting aerials will have eddy-currents induced in them. These currents in turn react with the current in the aerials themselves causing losses in the system and also losses in received signals. To prevent these losses, metallic shrouds and rigging near the transmitting aerials are broken up with insulators. These are usually made of glazed ceramic for strength and high insulation value. They also need to be kept clean to prevent electrical leakage across them.

From the Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy, Volume 2, R24, e, iii:
"When transmission is taking place in a ship, all the stays, etc. will be set in oscillation at a frequency depending on their length. Stays should, therefore, be divided up into sections of such a length that minimum interference is caused to reception of short waves."

Hope this helps,

John/gwzm (ex-Brocklebank R/O)
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