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If any member wishes to hear Canberra's old Steam Whistle you can do so over on SN sister site The Cruising Forum.

I recorded this myself when leaving Hong Kong in 1972, and you can hear all the other noises of leaving port including tugs engines and whistle, and my voice! on

It would be nice to have more people listen to this wonderful deep sound the likes that you will never hear again. I was able to upload it to The Cruising Forum thanks to a machine I now have that transfers cassette tape to CD. I recorded it after buying a Sanyo Music Centre in Yokohama and dangled the microphones out of my cabin window.

I am not urging SM members to join The Cruise Forum(link below) but I am a member of both even before becoming a moderator on TCF, because both sites have something to offer the shipping enthusiast. TCF has the same owner and admin as SN as well a myself as Mod. We cover past liners as well, myself writing a 'line voyage' diary on Canberra as well as uploading her whistle. We cover ferries as well. I is not just modern cruise ships.

So if you would like to hear a real ships whistle, please have a listen?.
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