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Strong winds brought by typhoon Shanshan overturned a car ferry in southwestern Japan, leaving at least one person dead as the storm battered the region, a news report said Monday.

The automobile ferry, which was being tugged by a cargo ship for delivery to the Maldive Islands, overturned Sunday evening in waters near the southewestern Japanese city of Saiki, sending five crew members into the sea, Kyodo News agency reported.

The two ships were attempting to seek shelter from storm conditions in Saiki's harbor when the rope connecting the two ships was cut, Kyodo said. The ferry overturned shortly thereafter, it said.

Japanese Coast Guard rescued four of the five crew members thrown into the sea, Kyodo said. The body of the fifth was found about 2 1/2 hours later, washed up on the coast, the report said.

At least nine people have been reported dead or missing and more than 260 injured in the wake of Typhoon Shanshan.

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